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STEPN Runners Giveaway

Connect people to Web3: This is one of the STEPN’s themes from the beginning. 5 of STEPN Runner Samurais accelerates the Web3 integration via giveaways, through the spotlights to the global runners!

This giveaway is to incentivise people to adapt to a running routine by connecting to more runners who enjoys exercises globally.

Furthermore, we are wishing people to not only adjust their lifestyles to more a healthier side but also to give an awareness to Web3 and STEPN.

In addition to that, we also expect the participants to cascade the “pay it forward” concept for those who are not aware of Web3 and STEPN yet.

We highly appreciate if this giveaway event could be of their help to start thinking about the importance of healthier lifestyle and the STEPN ecosystem.


>>To join Giveaway, click here.<<


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